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Buyer : Michael Liu Expert : Justwebworks Status :Finished
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ID : 180635
Budget : $1,000-3,000
Estimated development time : 14 Days
Skill : WordPress
Category : Web Development - Web Programming
Posted : 2014-08-24


The Website Brief
Things to cover when briefing a designer for your website

Project Overview
The Melbourne Property Care is established to provide not only reliable but also distinguishing property cleaning and gardening services. We are aiming to enhance the value of the property serviced and minimize the work load of Owners Corporation Management Company.

Content and site map reference: (Please enter the property services module not the franchise information)

Art Work reference:

The website will include 7 pages similar like the site refered.

• To increase brand awareness
• To show the professionalism and capability.
• Provide better information to potential clientele
• Sell services

Functional Requirements
Any Inquiry online to be sent to an email account nominated by owners.

Technical Requirements
Mobile and platform friendly as common sense.
No backend database required.

Look & Feel
Simple and straight forward in terms of the theme and layout.

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