About Taskcity

At Taskcity, we strive to help Chinese software companies break into the international IT outsourcing market and prove their capabilities as professional IT developers. We also strive to conncet you with the perfect programmer that can create exactly what you want at the price that you want.
Come Together, We can make it.
We are an international team with an international vision. We also understand the diffculties that come with global outsourcing and endeavor to help you by providing advanced management tools and access to hundreds of qualified IT experts from all over the world. Come to Taskcity and let us help you succeed.

So we sincerely invite you to visit the city.

Taskcity declaration

Our 10 Beliefs:

We believe in Technology

We believe in outsourcing

We believe in globalization

We believe in win-win

We believe in collaboration

We believe in cloud

We believe in productivity

We believe in China's tommorow

We also believe in "don't be evil"

We, finally, believe in "you".

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